Each Monday at puppy class our instructors help puppies up to 18 weeks build their confidence, develop their canine social skills, and work on beginning commands and recall in a fun, controlled environment. Play groups are kept small and nap times often to ensure that puppies aren't overwhelmed.

Why do we think puppy play is so important?

We teach puppies how to be a part of our society, but if they're going to learn how to be effective canine communicators, they need to learn it from other dogs. We give puppies a safe, "error-proof" space to practice being a dog.

Socialization as a puppy can improve a dog’s temperament, bite inhibition, and prevent fear and aggression as an adult. A dog who’s learned to communicate without force as a puppy will grow into a safer, more self-assured dog.

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A Day at Camp

7:30am-9 am | Drop-off time.

9 am | Group play. 

Puppies play in smaller groups with toys, tugs, and their fellow pups! 

11 am | Show & tell.

A focus on fun introductions to unfamiliar things! Puppies may be given dog-safe plants to smell,  or they may be given treats by teachers in funny hats.

12 pm | Lunch & group play.

Pups bring lunch from home, and can eat their meal from a bowl or puzzle feeder.

1 pm | Nap time.

Pups are settled in and lights turned off.

2 pm | Physical education.

Group games, obstacle courses, and light agility work. 

3 pm | Optional nap time or quiet play.

4 pm - 5:30 pm | Pick-up time.

Vaccination &

Health Requirements

  • First round of the DHPP Vaccine. (distemper, hepatitis and kennel cough, parainfluenza, and parvovirus)

  • Make sure your puppy is healthy and fed for their first day of camp!

Steps to Enroll

  1. Sign up with us below on Gingr—tell us a little about yourself and your puppy, and remember to upload their vaccination records!

  2. Book your puppy's first day through Gingr.

  3. Bring your pup to their first day of camp, where they'll be introduced to their instructor and the rest of their cohort. If your pup is ready to dive in, you can leave them for the full day--pickup is at 4-5PM.

  4. If your pup isn't quite ready to spend a full day, they can stay for the hour, and an assessment fee of $10 will be charged. 

  5. Once your pup has been through their first day,  you can book puppy classes each Monday until your pup is ready to graduate to dog camp.

Late Policy

  • Pickup time is 4:00 - 5:30.

  • Pickups after 5:30PM will be charged $5.

  • Pickups after 5:45PM will be charged $10.

Cancellation Policy

Already enrolled?​

Reservations must be cancelled by 7:30am the day of the reservation or a $20 cancellation fee will be collected.