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5 Best Gift Ideas for Dogs

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or another winter holiday, you probably want to include your furry family members! There are some incredible holiday gifts for dogs we love, both online and in our own store.

Safe Treats

Of course, we need to provide stocking stuffers for our dogs. Treats are an excellent option! Some of our favorite treats include:

  • Natural antlers

  • Training treats

  • Bully sticks

  • Yak cheese chews

These treat options will get your dog chewing and distracted in no time, and they are all available in our store! Be sure to avoid rawhide treats and bones that seem to be overly abundant in pet stores as Christmas gifts for dogs.

Fun Snuffle Mats

A cute lotus snuffle mat available in our shop!

Snuffle mats are an excellent gift for dogs! The fun toys allow dogs to search for treats hidden in different textured fabrics to keep them entertained and provide new sensations for enrichment. They're also great for those days where it's just too cold or wet to go to the dog park and they need something fun to do at home.

Snuffle mats available in our store and on Amazon

A Cozy New Bed

Is your dog's bed showing its age? A cozy, warm bed would be a perfect holiday gift for your dog! There are even heated beds out there for the especially spoiled puppies in your life.

Puzzle Toys

Some of our favorite treat puzzles

Puzzle toys come in various levels based on your dog's age or problem-solving skills. Our daycare dogs love them! Puzzle toys allow you to hide treats in ways that promote problem-solving brain power that can keep your dog busy while you're finishing up the holiday dinner for your family.

Available in our store and on Amazon

Barkery Holiday Cake

We absolutely love the Seattle Barkery! Instead of leaving out your dog when you pull out the holiday pies and treats, give them their own! The Seattle Barkery has holiday-themed cakes and treats specially made with dog-friendly ingredients, even for pups with food allergies.

Use code MARTHA at checkout to get $25 off a $45 order!

We hope your winter holiday is full of joy with your family, friends, and pets! Be sure to check out our event calendar for fun holiday events and meetups throughout the year.

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