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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for your Dog

With all your Halloween planning, did a certain family member's Halloween costume slip your mind? Oops! Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, there are abundant last-minute Halloween costumes for your dog out there, especially if you're crafty! Here are a few dog Halloween costumes you can make (or buy!) quickly.

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DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

If you are especially crafty or enjoy making things, this could be a great option for you! We've seen so many adorable DIY Halloween costumes for the dogs that come into our daycare, indoor dog park, and at our annual Halloween party!

Starbucks Puppuccino

Thank you Whiskers Gone Wild for this awesome idea!

What Seattle dog doesn't love a puppuccino? All you need for this look is some cardboard, a printer, and an extra-large lid from your favorite Starbucks. If your pup is especially picky when it comes to costumes, you can even use a brown dog shirt or sweater instead of the cardboard.

Detailed Instructions: Whiskers Gone Wild

Beanie Baby Pup

Too cute! Thank you Brit + Co for this idea!

Who doesn't remember and love Beanie Babies? This is a great Halloween costume for picky dogs. Just add it to your dog's collar!

Detailed instructions: Brit + Co

Puppy Mummy

So spooky!

This dog Halloween costume is great for the not-so-crafty that have very tolerant dogs. Simply wrap your pup in gauze and tape securely for a spooky mummy look! You can even go the extra mile and soak the gauze in tea for an older look to the gauze.

Photo from Costume Works

Teenage Mutant Ninja Doggo

For the pup who loves pizza!

Ok, this one looks way harder than it actually is, and it's definitely a dog Halloween costume for the goodest, most tolerant of boys. However, it's sure to get first place in that costume contest! This costume is made using a green dog t-shirt, painted disposable pan, and extra fabric for your chosen turtle's mask. You can even simply tie the "mask" on your pup's collar if they won't tolerate it on their face.

Detailed instructions: Crafts by Courtney

The Best Dog Costumes on Amazon

If a DIY Halloween costume feels too daunting or time consuming, Amazon is always a good place to find a last-minute costume for your dog.

Lion Dog

This is a perfect costume for your larger golden retriever or other light-coated pup. Make your dog the king of the jungle with this lion mane and tail! Make it a group costume by dressing as the cast from The Lion King or The Wizard of OZ.

Teddy Bear

How cute is this teddy bear costume? Make your dog the cuddliest pup at the next Halloween party and win that costume contest! You can even make it a group costume by arriving in onesie PJs with your pup.


For the SUPER tolerant pup, you really can't beat this octopus costume. Make it a group costume by dressing as a mermaid or other sea creature!

There are so many other incredible ideas out there, and we've already seen so many fun entries to our dog costume contest! If you haven't entered yet, the contest is open to all Seattle dogs and the first-place prize includes specialty treats and a gift card for both you and your pup! Enter your photo by emailing us at and don't forget to vote!

Martha's Garden is also hosting our spook-tacular Halloweenie's Eve Carnival this year on October 29th full of specialty cocktails, games, and of course, costumes! Pre-order tickets here for a discount.

Happy Halloween!

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